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Altyn experiments with multi-colored, textured, mottled or stippled, rolled art glass; tin-lead solder with copper patina; and solid copper frame & chain.

Inspired by personal travel and published photographs, he designs stained glass panels that interpret his impressions of natural landscapes, skyscapes, seascapes, and planetscapes.

Altyn chooses glass styles, textures, and colors to evoke location, hour, weather, and season. He captures flowing natural boundaries and interrupts them with a straight line for horizon or a circular arc for moon, sun or planet.

In polarity with most stained-glass artists, Altyn uses a small number of relatively large glass pieces, joined and framed by the rich warmth of copper.


Altyn’s work reflects his love for creative inspiration, language, vision, exercise, design, and execution.

While each piece of art on this website is unique, if the one you love has been sold, Altyn can make another just for you in the same style or he can invent a new design with you. 


text: 571-425-7594

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